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We are a travel agency based in Cebu, Philippines. Travel service is our business and our love.

As a business, we intend to attain considerable profit for our service, but not to the disadvantage of our clients. We are committed to come up with packages and costing that are reasonable, giving the best value for the travel money of our clients; thus, satisfying their desire to get more for their money and our agency’s requirement to earn profits for our service. We believe superior quality service is the most important thing we sell, and we seek to provide our customers with positive travel experiences and excellent quality of service at competitive prices.

As a “love”, we offer travel service as a source of joy and fulfillment. The excitement of travel is in our system and the satisfaction of serving people our reward. We shall not tire, therefore, in offering travel service for in it we enjoy and we profit.

Our Name. It is passion, dedication, commitment and perseverance rolled into one. It is with these traits that we do service to the satisfaction of our clients and ourselves. This uniqueness translates into creativity and ingenuity in coming up with tour packages, pricing, choice of destinations, tour arrangements, modes of payment, sales, promotions and advertising, and tie-ups. We intend to rise above the rest of the other agencies with this trait, aiming to become a worthy competitor in the travel industry.

Our long-term goal is to be an international travel service provider, offering travel service to all points around the world; thus, the orb signifying for the globe. As regards its wholeness, the sphere stands for the oneness of our agency. We shall move forward as one, with all of us reaching out for the same goal, heading towards the same direction.

We are duly Accredited with:

  • Department of Tourism
  • Naitas

Our Mission


  • We are striving for excellence and will provide quality service at a cost that will enable us to remain competitive.
  • Develop comprehensive travel products.
  • Aggressively solicit new market segments.
  • Expand our relationship with our suppliers in the industry
  • Develop better rapport with corporate clients, government institutions and schools.
  • Diversify the business


  • To deliver premium quality of ground tour solutions…offering the best value and experience to customer worldwide

Our Vision

  • To join the ranks of international travel agencies those are established, respectable and profitable providing efficient and quality service to travellers.